Ilesh Khakhkhar

It takes an unconventional thinker to start a revolution, and that's exactly what Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar is. Thanks to his incredible intuition, Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar launched Ethicare Remedies with innovative product range of cosmetics in 2003.


He has vast experience in the pharmaceutical & cosmeceuticals field. He is the prime mover for various strategic alliances and growth plans of the company. His dynamic leadership has led the company to become a major player in the pharmaceutical & cosmeceuticals market. Today, Ethicare Remedies is a new emerging leader in beauty products under the creative, entrepreneurial and visionary leadership of Managing Director Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar.


Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar has had an outstanding career in cosmeceuticals markets for over 9 years, during which he developed a firm understanding of the complexities of cosmeceuticals markets. He is thoroughly familiar with the regulatory and business environment in India & other major money-center locations.


As the company’s Founder – Ethicare Remedies & Ethinext Pharma, he is responsible for deploying the company's strategic vision and developing business alliances as well as building the management team. To Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar, the product and the people are everything to the company, and he dedicates himself to ensure that both would be successful. In addition to inspiring the representatives, Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar also encourages the company's employees with the same positive spirit. He believes strongly in the potential of people, and that in that potential lay the power of possibility and, eventually, success.

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