Vitinext Lotion

Vitinext Lotion

Vitinext Lotion

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Vitinext Lotion- A therapy for vitiligo

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Product Description

  • Maximum absorption of Ultraviolet light
  • Catalysis of Metalloenzyme – Tyrosinase
  • No blistering fear
  • Conserve life of melanocytes by preventing free radical damage & apoptosis

It is available in the 60ml pack.


Lotion to be applied over Depigmented patch of skin.

Expose the area to sunlight for 5-10 minutes.


Depigmentation of skin


  • Bavachi oil( psorelia corlifolia)
  • Katumbar chall(ficus hispida)
  • Chitrak(plumbago zeylanica),
  • Manjishta(rubia cordifolia)
  • Kantakari(solanum indicum)
  • Krushna til(seasumam indicum)
  • Umber phal(ficus carica)
  • Vidang(embelia ribes)
  • Dantimul(boliospermum nontanum)
  • Amaltas gar(cassia fistula)
  • Muli beej(rophanus sativus)
  • Daruhaldi beberis aristata rhizome,
  • Amaltas garcinia pedunculata fruit


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