Welcome To Ethinext Pharma

Founded in 2003, Ethicare Remedies, with its creative & different concept blended with innovation & quality products has become rapidly grown company since then. Our exclusive focus is on skin & hair, truly dedicated to dermatology & cosmetology. We are market & customer driven company and regularly launch new innovative products for skin, hair & body, in response to genuine needs expressed by our customers & also to make new trends in cosmetology. Our continued access to the latest trends has given way to fresh & innovative products.


With our best efforts and experience that we had in the field over the years & love we had got from our clients had helped us to introduce our new division. In 2010, we proudly introduced Ethinext Pharma, with the vision to cover clinical dermatology through pharma products.



Our commitment to quality, value and innovation has led to highly visible, category-leading brands in Indian market. After successful establishment in India, we have exported our products in countries like Mauritius, Dubai, Bangladesh, Yemen & Nepal. We are expanding globally. We believe in win-win relationships with all our associates. We understand what it takes to be successful in the competitive & ever changing world of beauty. We have earned excellent relationship with all our business associates by hard work of several years. (We are satisfied with our excellent relationship with our distributors, built day after day in several years of hard work.) We never stop to dare and to grow, driven by our passion for what we do. We are passionate to be different in a positive way…

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