Tips for Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo is a skin disease which occurs when the cell that produces melanin die or stop working.  Here are some tips for the vitiligo patients to take into consideration.

Protect your skin from sunburn. Make proper use of sunscreen lotion. Apply sunscreen with high SPF every day and even on a cloudy day. Re-apply it after every 2 hours.

Do not get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo can cause something called Keobnerization. This means when you wound your skin affected by vitiligo may create a new patch of vitiligo.

Learn about Vitiligo and consult a dermatologist. It helps to know about the treatment you can have to get rid of the Vitiligo.

One of the natural home remedies for Vitiligo - Use turmeric and mustard oil to effectively reduce the white patches.

Diet plays an important role in controlling Vitiligo. Maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in Vitamin B12, folic acid, and pantothenic acid is good for skin and can benefit Vitiligo patients.

Drink water stored in the copper vessel. This will help in increasing the production of melanin in body and skin will show reduced whiteness.

Mental stress may also trigger patches to occur on the skin. So try methods like Yoga, meditation, pursuing a hobby etc. to stay positive and it will help to reduce mental stress.

Avoid chemical based products/cosmetics like deodorant or perfume on directly on the skin.