Itra RD 100 and 200 _ Ethinext Pharma
Vitinext Plus Tablet_Ethinext Pharma
Ethiglo Serum_ Ethinext Pharma
Ethiglo Plus Foaming Face Wash_ Ethinext Pharma
Ethiglo+ Tablets_Ethinext Pharma
EpiEff Effervescent Tablets-Ethinext Pharma
Epieff Z Effervescent Tablets-Zinc Oxide-Ethinext Pharma
1. F- Next Antifungal Powder- Ethinext Pharma
Sweatnil Gel-Ethinext pharma
9. Ethiglo Face Wash- Ethinext Pharma
6. Epi Plus Sensitive Skin Cleanser- Ethinext Pharma
7. Minosilk F- Ethinext Pharma
12. Cutishine Face Wash- Ethinext Pharma

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We have expanded our product range through Ethinext Pharma which provides pharma (Derma) products. We are the sole distributor of Image skin care USA in India – exclusive range of prescription products and professional products.

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